• Bees have arrived at Ray Valley Solar

    We’ve welcomed a vibrant community of Buckfast bees to our first groundmount solar park at Ray Valley Solar. Approximately 40-50,000 busy bees are already calling it home, and with the colony building we hope there will be around 60-70,000 by mid-summer. The bee hive operation is managed by our Asset Management sub-contractor who have implemented…
    13 May 2024
  • Ray Valley Solar – a shining example of solar innovation

    Bifacial solar panels are an innovation in renewable energy technology that allows sunlight to be captured not only from the front, but also from the rear sides of the panels, maximising energy production and efficiency. Low Carbon Hub made the decision to install bifacial solar panels at our first ever ground mount solar park at…
    20 March 2024
  • Low Carbon Hub at the Environmental Audit Committee

    Low Carbon Hub CEO Barbara Hammond was invited to speak at the recent Environmental Audit Committee on ‘Enabling sustainable electrification of the UK economy’. The discussion delved into issues of connecting new renewables to the grid, planning processes, engaging with communities where renewable energy projects are set to be placed and the value of Local…
    5 February 2024
  • Stock photo of solar park

    Botley West Solar Farm

    Botley West is a 840 MW solar park proposed to be built to the West and North of Oxford. The project is currently in its second phase of consultation until 8 February. During this time residents are invited to provide their feedback.
    31 January 2024
  • A People-Powered Transition: Why Community Energy Matters in Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero Review

    We take a look at Chris Skidmore’s Mission Zero report and the importance of community energy. In January, Chris Skidmore released his anticipated net-zero review: Mission Zero. The report calls for accelerated climate action from the UK Government. The Net Zero Review has travelled to all four nations of the UK, received 1800+ responses to…
    22 February 2023
  • Low Carbon Hub’s 10 Years in 10 Numbers

    For over a decade, Low Carbon Hub has been at the heart of a growing partnership of people and organisations working together for a low carbon future.    At this important milestone, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has been achieved over these 10 years with the help of 10 numbers.   1.…
    10 November 2022
  • Energy costs are rising: what can schools do?

    At Low Carbon Hub we want to help as many schools as possible save money on their energy bills and do their bit for the environment. The UK has a target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and locally, Oxfordshire has set a target of cutting carbon emissions by 50% of 2008 levels…
    27 October 2022
  • Ray Valley Solar nears completion

    Work is fast approaching completion at our first ever ground mount solar park at Ray Valley Solar. Most of the 35,000 solar panels, 1.3 km at the longest point, have been installed on site with an expected completion date of late April. Bringing Ray Valley Solar online will result in a five-fold increase in the…
    7 April 2022
  • Save, Shift, Share –three strategies for a more secure energy future

    At the launch of the latest Climate Report of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) , the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said “Now it’s time to stop burning our planet and start investing in abundant renewable energy all around us.” The report is a stark reminder of the need to take urgent action…
    5 April 2022
  • Climate action, energy, Oxford, and our role in 2022

    Happy new year from everybody at the Low Carbon Hub! Climate action in Oxfordshire Three years ago, in January 2019, the Oxford City Council officially declared a climate emergency in Oxford. In April, they announced the UK’s first citizens assembly to address the climate crisis within Oxford. This citizens assembly was held over two weekends…
    7 January 2022
  • Stock photo of solar park

    Oxford City Council provides nearly £3.4m of funding to support Ray Valley Solar Park

    We’re delighted to announce that Oxford City Council has provided funding of nearly £3.4m towards the development of our first ever ground mount solar park at Ray Valley Solar, near Bicester.  Last week, at its Cabinet meeting, the Oxford City Council agreed to commit funding over a lifetime of 22.5 years to support the development of the…
    21 June 2021
  • Stock photo of solar park

    Ray Valley Solar gets funding to go ahead

    We’re really pleased to announce that Triodos Bank will provide a loan to help fund the construction of Ray Valley Solar, our first ground mount solar park.  Triodos Bank UK has approved a new loan facility to go toward the construction of the project this year. Further lending will also be made available for its operation, with…
    25 May 2021