Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming an investor: common questions

Have a question about becoming a Low Carbon Hub Investor Shareholder? Below you’ll find our commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please contact

If you’re an existing Investor Shareholder with a question about your investment, please head to our Investor Members page.

What are the benefits of investing?

Who can invest?

How much can I invest?

How do I invest?

What rights do I have as a member?

How does one member, one vote work?

Can children own shares?

Can I sell or transfer my shares?

What if I lose my share certificate?

Can I withdraw my shares?

What happens to my shares if I die?

How will my data be held?

How will the Low Carbon Hub communicate with me about my investment?

How will I find out how my investment is doing?

Will interest be paid on shares?

When will I receive a return on my investment?

Is my investment safe?

Will the value of my shares increase?

Why do I get an interest payment and not a dividend?

Does my investment qualify for tax relief?

What if my question is not answered here?