Creating energy we can
all feel good about

The Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise that’s out to prove we can meet our energy needs in a way that’s good for people and good for the planet.

We develop community-owned renewable energy installations across Oxfordshire that not only produce clean energy but accelerates the transition to the zero carbon energy system we need for the future, providing electricity, heat and a clean transport system, all powered by renewables.

The installations also produce an ongoing income, which is reinvested in further carbon cutting projects. We help local organisations become more energy efficient, fund green innovation, and back further community energy projects. We make every pound of investment work hard to bring our vision of a smart and fair energy system to life.

We’re at the heart of a growing partnership of people and organisations across Oxfordshire, working together, for a low carbon future.

The UK’s energy system is changing, and through innovation projects such as Project LEO, we are playing a central role in developing the smart, flexible electricity system of the future in Oxfordshire. One that benefits us all.

About investing in the Low Carbon Hub

We recently met our £3 million target for new investment into the Community Energy Fund. Thank you to everyone who invested and put their money to work tackling climate change.

If you’d like to hear about future investment opportunities, sign up to our newsletter. To find more about investing in the Low Carbon Hub, watch our animation below.

Low Carbon Hub in Oxford is one of the most important community energy organisations in the UK. It’s poised to start a revolution in the way we develop and use our energy.

Jonathan Porritt CBE
Co-Founder, Forum for the Future

Our impact

Renewable energy installations
tonnes of CO₂ saved every year
GWh of potential clean energy generation a year
lifetime anticipated savings on electricity bills by hosts
lifetime anticipated community benefit donation to Oxfordshire communities
Investor members who help finance our projects and bring projects into community ownership

Our strands

The latest Hub news

  • News story

    Free solar panels for community project in Oxfordshire

    9th April 2021
    Oxford City Council are offering free solar panels to a local community project Oxford City Council have 42 solar panels (350 watts) and an inverter which they are now no longer able to use. They’re hoping to find a new home for them and so are looking for a local community project which could make…

Featured project

  • Project

    Sustainable Charlbury: Greener Healthier Homes

    Sustainable Charlbury successfully applied for a £5000 large grant from the Low Carbon Hub’s Community Grants programme to assess the energy efficiency and heat loss of a group of homes in Charlbury. The tests on The Green are part of a much bigger, long term project to build up a picture of the energy efficiency…

Featured programme

  • Programme

    Energy Solutions Oxfordshire (ESOx)

    The complete energy efficiency service helping organisations lower their energy use, while saving time and money Energy Solutions Oxfordshire (ESOx) is a one-stop service, making it simple for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Oxfordshire to undertake energy efficiency improvements to make assured savings on their energy bills, reduce their carbon emissions, and improve the…

Invest in a better energy future

  • News story

    £3 million target reached!

    15th March 2021
    We are really pleased to announce that we have now met our target of raising £3 million of new investment into the Community Energy Fund. Thank you so much to everyone who has invested, putting their money to work tackling climate change.  We have been absolutely blown away by the level of support this share…