Creating energy we can
all feel good about

The Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise that’s out to prove we can meet our energy needs in a way that’s good for people and good for the planet.

We develop community-owned renewable energy installations across Oxfordshire that not only produce clean energy but accelerates the transition to the zero carbon energy system we need for the future, providing electricity, heat and a clean transport system, all powered by renewables.

The installations also produce an ongoing income, which is reinvested in further carbon cutting projects. We help local organisations become more energy efficient, fund green innovation, and back further community energy projects. We make every pound of investment work hard to bring our vision of a smart and fair energy system to life.

We’re at the heart of a growing partnership of people and organisations across Oxfordshire, working together, for a low carbon future.

The UK’s energy system is changing, and through innovation projects such as Project LEO, we are playing a central role in developing the smart, flexible electricity system of the future in Oxfordshire. One that benefits us all.


Community Action Plan for Zero Carbon Energy (CAPZero) is the first local energy action plan in the UK developed at a community level. A zero carbon energy system is possible if we act now, both locally, at primary substation level, and nationally.

The latest Hub news

  • News story

    The Minister for Climate visits Low Carbon Hub

    19 July 2024
    Minister for Climate, Kerry McCarthy, visited Low Carbon Hub this week in her first ministerial visit, to learn more about community energy and the innovation work we’re doing at the grid edge to drive the transition to Net Zero. Low Carbon Hub welcomed a delegation from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero  including…

It’s a combination of experience, knowledge, and idealism that makes the Low Carbon Hub so special.

Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon

Our impact

We’re working hard to create an energy system that’s good for people, and good for the planet. As always, we want to achieve so much more, but we’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far.

Renewable energy installations
tonnes of CO₂ saved every year
GWh of clean energy generation a year
lifetime anticipated savings on electricity bills by hosts
lifetime anticipated community benefit donation to Oxfordshire communities
Investor members who help finance our projects and bring projects into community ownership

We are at the heart of a collective effort to catalyse a low carbon economy in Oxfordshire, both through powering down to decrease energy demand and through powering up to increase renewable energy supply. As part of this work, Low Carbon Hub develops innovation pilots around community energy to help the sector expand more rapidly.

  • Programme

    FutureFit Area Based Insetting (FABI)  

    FutureFit Area Based Insetting (FABI) is a partnership project between Oxford City Council and Low Carbon Hub. It aims to explore how localised ‘insetting’ can be used to help fund retrofit projects across the city and support our net-zero goals.    The problem  At present 60% of carbon emissions in Oxford are from buildings, of which…