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Low carbon community group network

About our network

Our vibrant network of low carbon community groups are at the heart of the Low Carbon Hub.

Low Carbon community groups hold regular events and activities to inspire everyone in their community to take action to reduce the effects of climate change. It takes commitment, determination and lots of hard work to run a thriving group but it’s also rewarding to work together for a common aim.

Over 40 Oxfordshire-based low carbon community groups have joined our network. They get access to:

  • Our grants programme (see below)
  • Networking events to find out more about activities likeminded groups are organising across the County
  • Training workshops and materials
  • The opportunity to purchase a £1 share in The Low Carbon Hub IPS Limited, and have full Member voting rights as a Member of the Society.

Check out our full list of community group network members to find your local group.

“Climate Change makes us feel bleak, working together against it will make us feel better.”

Eleanor watts, rose hill and iffley low carbon

Low Carbon Hub community grants available

Members of our network can apply to us for funding. There are small (up to £500) and large (up to £5,000) grants available for groups which are Community Members of the Low Carbon Hub network to support projects which contribute towards our mission.

Examples of previous projects wholly or part-funded by a Low Carbon Hub grant include: conducting energy assessments for local households, installing solar panels on a community building, or working on low carbon transport. See our community stories page for more inspiration.

These grants are only available to existing Low Carbon Hub community group members. Find out more about the current grant programme here.

If you are part of a low carbon community group based in Oxfordshire, that is not yet a member of the Low Carbon Hub, please contact Cathy Ryan, our Community Engagement Manager to find out if you are eligible and for details of how to join.

Thermal imaging camera

Low Carbon Hub has two thermal imaging cameras that members of the community group network can book to use in their community. Please find the booking links below.

You may also find this guide to a community thermal imaging project CAG Oxfordshire wrote for us useful:

Community stories

Interested in what other Low Carbon Hub community groups are using their grant funding for? Take a look at our case studies.

Want to join our community network?

Community groups who choose to join the Low Carbon Hub network gain access to our advice and support, including grant funding for low carbon activities.

To join the network, a group needs to be working on low carbon and sustainability in their area, with energy as a central focus.

Community groups also have the option to join the Low Carbon Hub IPS as a shareholder member for £1. Along with accessing advice, support and grant funding , becoming a shareholder member gives groups voting rights at the AGM and the opportunity to nominate people to the Board as Communities Director.

For information on how join our community network and / or become a shareholder member, please contact Cathy Ryan.

You can also download our ‘Welcome to the Low Carbon Hub‘ information leaflet detailing how we work with our network of low carbon community groups.

Support for communities

Low Carbon Hub is involved in a range of programmes and services that could be beneficial to your communities. From energy efficiency support for schools, homes and businesses through to becoming a host of a renewable energy project.

You can find more information on these services in this presentation. It also includes information on the support we can provide you as a group.

Annual General Meetings

You can view past AGM documents here.