Botley West Solar Farm

Botley West is a 840 MW solar park proposed to be built to the West and North of Oxford. The project is currently in its second phase of consultation until 8 February. During this time residents are invited to provide their feedback.

If Botley West were to go ahead, it would undoubtedly be a significant project for Oxfordshire. Low Carbon Hub has been approached by many of our stakeholders seeking support to help them better understand the implications of the proposed project.

Our aim has been to help communities and individuals access information relating to the project and better understand the potential impacts and benefits to inform their own response to the formal consultation.

We have attended the consultation meetings, sat down with members of the community and listened to their concerns, thoughts and questions. We have been collating the questions we’ve received and as we’ve been able to source answers, publishing them on this web page.

The formal consultation ends on 8 February. Details about the proposal and how to participate in the consultation can be found on the Botley West Solar Farm website.

Stock image of solar park