Bees have arrived at Ray Valley Solar

We’ve welcomed a vibrant community of Buckfast bees to our first groundmount solar park at Ray Valley Solar.

Approximately 40-50,000 busy bees are already calling it home, and with the colony building we hope there will be around 60-70,000 by mid-summer.

The bee hive operation is managed by our Asset Management sub-contractor who have implemented such hives on other sites to enhance pollination while producing local honey.

In line with our commitment to biodiversity, we’re also working with an expert ecologist to boost numbers of the Great Crested Newt that we have on site.

Later this summer, we’re also going to be planting a wildflower meadow to boost local pollinators and wildlife.

We’re really excited about these eco-projects, helping our site be greener and demonstrating how we can co-habit a solar park with nature.