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Information for current shareholders

On this page you’ll find information and FAQs for existing investments. If your query isn’t answered, please email

For full details of your investment, please refer to the Rules of the Low Carbon Hub IPS and the Share Offer document for your particular investment.

You can view your existing investments and make edits to your personal details through our investor portal. Watch the video below to find out how to get started.

Have any of your details changed?

If you need to change your contact details (name, address, email etc) or have any further queries, please email us at

Investor resource and support centre

Below you’ll find questions commonly asked by existing Investor Members. If you have a question not covered here or need to make a complaint, please contact

View current and previous reports

You can view current and past reports such as Social Impact Reports, Annual Performance Summaries, as well as programme reports. Click here to read them.

View previous share offers

To view our previous Share Offers, and find information on interest payment and financial returns, please go to our Previous Offers page.

Some of my personal details have changed – what do I do?

If you have any changes to your personal details, including change of name, address, or email, then contact us at informing us of the change. Or call us on 01865 246099. If you change your bank details, please fill in this Payment Instruction Form and return it to us.

What if I lose my share certificate?

If you lose your share certificate, contact us at and request a replacement. There may be a charge for a reissue.

My child is 16 years old, can I transfer shares into their name?

Yes, once children are 16 years old shares can be transferred into their name. However, this can only occur if the shares were originally purchased to be held on behalf of the child.

Please contact us when the child turns 16. We will send a stock transfer form for you to complete and return with the original share certificate.

When we receive this, the shares will be transferred into the child’s name and a new share certificate issued. We will then send out a payment information form to the new shareholder to confirm the bank details for where the interest should paid into. This will need to be completed even if the bank account details are the ones you have been using to date.

All completed forms can be scanned in and sent by email to Or alternatively they can be posted to us for the attention of the Company Secretary.

Can I withdraw my shares?

Investors are encouraged to view their investment as a long-term commitment to supporting community energy

Investors in Solar 2014, Solar 2016, and Sandford hydro will slowly have their capital returned to them over the lifetime of the projects.

Investors in the Community Energy Fund can ask to withdraw equity after the fourth anniversary of their investment, up to a maximum of £20,000 in any one year. There is an annual withdrawal request cycle, and we will email all eligible investors once a year.

In exceptional circumstances, and when funds allow, the Directors may consider requests for the immediate return of capital for reasons of personal hardship – This could include:
a) Critical illness or death (affecting the investor or their immediate family)
b) Redundancy or loss of employment by the investor or their immediate family that results in a significant change in household income
c) Any other significant, unpredictable changes in circumstances, considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to request to withdraw your shares, please contact

Please refer to The Low Carbon Hub IPS Limited Rules for more information on withdrawing shares.

Can I sell or transfer my shares?

No, a member cannot sell or transfer any of their Class ‘A’ Shares to any other person, including family members. The only exception to this is if the shares were originally bought on behalf of a child. In this case, you can transfer the shares to the child when they turn 16 [see question below].

What happens to my shares if I die?

You can complete a nomination of shares form, to nominate a recipient for the value of the shares in the event of your death. This is the simplest way to ensure your shares will be transferred in line with your wishes.

If a member dies and a form hasn’t been completed, the executor of their estate will need to contact the Low Carbon Hub to arrange the transfer of the shares to a nominated person as agreed by the executor.

We always suggest that investors seek external advice on their estate planning. If you’d like more information, please contact us on

How do I know which share portfolio I have invested in?

Refer to the share certificate that was issued to you on purchase of your shares and the accompanying documentation for further information on your share portfolio. Or contact us at and we can confirm your shareholdings.

What’s the difference between ‘A’ and ‘B’ class shares?

The Low Carbon Hub IPS has a number of existing Members, the vast majority of which hold withdrawable ‘A’ Class shares. There are also ten pioneer investors who between them hold £150,000 of ‘B’ Class ‘transferable’ shares. Their investment qualified for SEIS, entitling them to tax relief of 50%. Their investment was offered with a target rate of return of 3%. This has now been aligned to the terms set out in 2014 Share Offer, and so payments to these investors are made on the same basis as Solar 2014 investors.

If you are a ‘B’ class shareholder and have questions about your investment, please do get in touch with us at

How do I find out how my investment is doing?

We will send you an annual performance summary. You can see these and more information here.

How is my data being held?

Bank account information is only by the Low Carbon Hub. We also hold other information including name, address, and email address.

We will use this to communicate important information about your investment, keep you up-to-date on the performance of your investment and invite you to AGMs. You can also subscribe to the Low Carbon Hub newsletter which will keep you up-to-date on the work of the Low Carbon Hub including new share offer opportunities, project development, community benefit and more. You can opt out of this email at any time.

We will not sell, rent, or lend your data to other organisations. We have updated our data protection policies in line with new GDPR legislation introduced in May 2018.

The Online Investors Portal does not recognise my email address?

To set your password you need to enter the email address we have on file for you. If you do not remember which email address you gave us, or if the portal does not recognise your email, please contact us on or by phone on 01865 546452.

The Online Investors Portal doesn’t recognise my username

Your username for the portal is not your email address and is given to you on the page where you set your password. If you did not take note of your username, you can either follow the instructions again to reset your password or contact us at

How do I save and/or print my interest statement information?

On the page displaying your statement information, go to the menu for your internet browser and select print.  When the print screen appears, select “Save as PDF” under the Destination dropdown menu and then click on save.  This will allow you to save the page with your statement information as a PDF document that you can then print or send as an email attachment.

Where can I find the login instructions for the new online investors portal?

If you cannot find your login instructions, please contact us at and we will email you a PDF copy of the login instructions.

I have a question about my statement information

If you have a question about your statement information, please contact us by email on or by phone on 01865 246099.