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Here you can find a library of Low Carbon Hub reports and documents.

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Helpful resources

Here you can find a library of resources from a variety of sources that are useful guides, toolkits and advice.


  • One Home – One Home provides practical solutions on all things green from electric cars to solar panels. Promoting clean technology that is becoming more affordable, accessible and effective by the day. One Home provides clear and simple guides on low-carbon lifestyle choices that help to save money, increase comfort levels and improve quality of life whilst also protecting the planet.   Covering subjects from renewable heat, clean power, no-fly holidays, green gardening and sustainable food, as well as options for adapting to extreme weather events such as, flooding and droughts.


Coping with the Climate Crisis


  • Kids Climate Action Network (Kids CAN) is a coalition of Oxford-based organisations and individuals working to create safe, fact-based and empowering climate change resources and information for children, and to support the adults around them.
  • Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust (WeSET) is an independent charity that promotes the deployment of sustainable energy through arts, education and energy projects, and supports others to deploy sustainable energy through grants and advice, primarily in a 25 mile radius of Westmill Wind Farm.
  • The LESS CO2 sustainable schools programme is a free energy efficiency programme available to any UK school, regardless if you are council run, an academy or independent.


Social Media

Videos & Podcasts

  • Videos & podcastsClimate Outreach is an organisation was founded in 2004 as the first British charity to focus exclusively on public engagement with climate change. 
  • Low Carbon Hub Webinars – These webinars are where you can find out more about the work we do here at the Hub and what work we plan to do with the investment from the Community Energy Fund 2021.
  • Energy Solution Oxfordshire Webinars – In 2020, Energy Solutions Oxfordshire held a series of fortnightly online webinars exploring topics relating to the importance of energy efficiency for businesses – how it can help organisations save money on their energy bills, improve comfort for staff and customers, and do their bit for the planet.
  • Cosy Homes Oxfordshire Webinars – In 2020, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire held a series of fortnightly online webinars exploring topics relating to home retrofit and energy efficiency, giving homeowners a chance to gain a better understanding of the importance of home retrofit.
  • Project LEO Webinars – In 2020 we ran a series of webinars, discussing the future of energy and our work at the Low Carbon Hub to create an energy system, which is good for people and for the planet, in Oxfordshire and beyond.