For businesses

Could your business be more energy efficient?

We work with businesses across Oxfordshire on their energy efficiency, helping them to save money on their energy bills and generate clean energy for Oxfordshire.

If you’re interested in working with us for your business, please contact our Business Relationship Manager.

Reducing energy usage

We’ve been working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around Oxfordshire as part of our OxFutures programme, providing free energy audits to identify energy saving opportunities in company buildings.

Installing solar pv panels

We can assess the likely installed capacity of a solar installation on your rooftop and calculate the potential CO2 and electricity savings for your business. This includes arranging surveys and applications for grid connections and planning, and drawing up a legal agreement through which you lease us your roof space.

This is done at no cost to your business. We fund the installation ourselves, by structuring it as investment opportunities for local people.

Low Carbon Hub develops the project and owns the solar panels, the electricity generated and the feed-in tariff revenue. We sell the solar electricity to the host business and we sell any surplus clean energy the panels generate to the grid. We reinvest 100% of our own surplus revenue (after costs and investor returns) in our Community Benefit Fund.

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