Could your organisation be saving money on energy bills and cutting carbon emissions?

We work with businesses and organisations across Oxfordshire on their energy efficiency, helping them to save money on their energy bills as well as generate clean energy.

If you’d like to discuss something which isn’t on this page, please contact our Business Relationship Manager.

Reduce energy use

We currently have one active project to support local businesses and organisations with improving energy efficiency in their buildings and workplaces.

Energy Solutions Oxfordshire

From our work on OxFutures, we’ve seen that the key barriers for businesses thinking about making energy efficiency improvements are: money to cover the upfront cost and time/staff resource to manage the project. Energy Solutions Oxfordshire aims to overcome these barriers, making it as simple as possible for local organisations to make energy efficiency improvements.

Energy Solutions Oxfordshire look after the whole energy efficiency process for you: planning, project management, competitive financing, even finding trustworthy contractors. The lot. They focus on optimising your energy efficiency, so you can focus on running your business.

Install solar pv panels

Did you know your roof could be generating clean electricity? We can help determine if your rooftop is suitable for a solar PV array, calculate the potential CO2 and electricity savings for your business. We will arrange surveys and applications for grid connections and planning, and draw up a legal agreement through which you lease us your roof space.

This is done at no cost to your business. We raise the capital to pay for the kit and installation through community share offers.

Low Carbon Hub develops the project and maintains the array throughout its lifetime. We sell the solar electricity to the you, the host business, and we sell any surplus clean energy the panels generate to the National Grid. We reinvest 100% of our own surplus revenue (after costs and investor returns) in our Community Benefit Fund.

A potential site will be:

  • 250 m2 minimum roof size (see video below on how to measure your roof)
  • 50 kW minimum installed capacity
  • Not north-facing
  • Good roof condition
  • Owner-occupied for 10 + year lease
  • School interested in hosting a Low Carbon Hub solar installation
  • Building has significant day-time energy use

If your organisation meets this criteria then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our Project Manager.

Check to see if your roof is a suitable size for a Low Carbon Hub solar PV array in our short video:

  • Solar panels on the rooftop of Thames Travel, owned and managed by Low Carbon Hub

    Thames Travel

    In 2013, Oxford Bus Company was the Low Carbon Hub’s very first community-owned solar PV installation. We have since expanded from this single rooftop to a renewable energy portfolio of 43 installations working with schools, businesses and community organisations across Oxfordshire. In 2019, it was fantastic to work with Thames Travel, another subsidiary of the…