Could your school be more energy efficient?

We work with schools across Oxfordshire on their energy efficiency, including installing solar PV panels to generate their own electricity. If you’re interested in working with us at your school, please contact Jason, our Business Development Manager.

Become a solar school

Did you know your school roof could be a clean energy power station? We can help you to determine whether your school’s rooftop is suitable for solar panels, and to complete the installation if it is.

Find out more about hosting a Low Carbon Hub solar PV array.

A rooftop survey

We can provide a free rooftop survey to see if solar panels are right for your school. This will tell you about the potential CO2 and electricity savings they would enable.

To arrange your free, no obligation, rooftop survey, contact

Installing solar PV panels

If your school’s buildings are found to be suitable for solar PV you may choose to install and own your own panels.

Or, you can partner with us to install a community-owned solar array at your school at no cost to yourself.

We sell the electricity generated by the panels to your school at a discount, saving you money on your energy bills. Any surplus is sold to the grid, with 100% of surplus going into community benefit to support more action on climate change.

Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools

Could your school be saving money on your energy bills?

Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES) is an energy efficiency support service to help schools in Oxfordshire carry out energy saving measures to cut carbon emissions, save money on energy bills, and make buildings more comfortable and healthier for staff and students.

Join the Let’s Go Zero campaign

Led by a powerful coalition of sustainability organisations, Let’s Go Zero is uniting and supporting UK schools working to become zero carbon by 2030.

Charities AshdenGlobal Action Plan and the Fairtrade Foundation have teamed up to launch ‘Let’s Go Zero’ – an initiative to help schools transition to net zero with inspiration, motivation, and practical support. Schools that already have net-zero objectives are encouraged to share best-practice advice, develop roadmaps for delivery, and promote climate-related activities to staff, students, and families.

From car-free school runs and plant-based canteens, schools across the country are already inspiring entire communities to think and act differently – but many feel like they are doing so alone and with stretched resources. Let’s Go Zero provides a powerful route for schools to drive impact-led action and unite behind a call for much-needed funding to help all schools to become cleaner, healthier and sustainable learning environments.

Sonja Graham, co-chief executive at Global Action Plan
  • Solar panels on the rooftop of Brookside Primary School, owned and managed by Low Carbon Hub

    Brookside Primary School

    Brookside Primary School in Bicester is meeting almost 30% of their electricity needs from 147 solar panels installed on their roof in partnership with Low Carbon Hub. They were our 29th solar school installation, joining 28 other schools across the county who are benefitting from cheaper energy bills as they receive discounted green electricity produced…