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Information on our previous Low Carbon Hub share offers

As an investor shareholder, you are a member and co-owner of The Low Carbon Hub IPS Limited. This means that you have joined a community of investors who want their money to do social good whilst receiving a financial return.

If you’re a current shareholder, you can find information on your investment and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our Investor Members page. If you can’t find what you need, or have any specific queries about your investment, please email

Whether its a large sum of money, or just a little bit, whatever you can manage will help real positive change happen in Oxfordshire.

Jenny, Investor

Previous share offers

Each year we produce an Annual Performance Summary for our previous share offers, giving an insight into the latest financial, social, and environmental performance of your investment(s):

2019 Community Energy Fund

2018 Community Energy Fund

2016 Share Offer: Solar & Sandford Hydro

2014 Share Offer: Solar

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