Low Carbon Hub 2023 AGM: our review

On Monday, 2 October 2023, we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) online, bringing together Members and supporters to discuss our achievements, goals, and commitment to a sustainable future. We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended and participated in this important event.

The meeting commenced with a comprehensive review of our renewables portfolio, without which nothing else we do would be possible. Low Carbon Hub has made significant strides in increasing local generation of clean, renewable energy over the past year, boosted by the completion of Ray Valley Solar. We reviewed the performance of our solar and hydro energy projects, reflecting on their impact in reducing carbon emissions in Oxfordshire. The meeting reaffirmed Low Carbon Hub’s commitment to expanding our renewable energy generation capabilities, furthering our mission to create energy that’s good for people and the planet.

An insightful discussion followed, prompted by the experience of the £40 m Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire), on the challenges and opportunities of building smart local energy systems. As we transition towards cleaner energy sources, understanding and integrating these systems are crucial and this enormous change will happen right at the grid edge where the electricity system meets each household and each business. 

Our AGM also shone a spotlight on another key element of our work – collaboration with our grassroots community groups. We’ve been pleased to continue supporting our local community group members through our community grants programme. The nine grants we awarded this year covered low carbon transport solutions including the installation of an EV charging point at a community centre, a community e-cargo bike scheme, and promoting active travel to school. We also helped fund a range of energy efficiency activities, supporting thermal imaging in Thame, Draughtbusting in Wantage, and the Oxford-wide Energy Savings Home initiative. 

The AGM concluded with the formal resolutions that are the business end of every such meeting. We were particularly thrilled to see Members – including the community groups now part of the IPS – elect 11 Board members to The Low Carbon Hub IPS Limited as part of our move to a consolidated structure rather than the two organisations working together as previously.

For those Members who missed the AGM or wish to revisit the discussions and presentations, we have made the presentations available for download on our website below:

As we move forward, we want to thank all our Members and partners: through your collective dedication and support we have been able to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability, contributing to a brighter and greener future for Oxfordshire and beyond.