• The Minister for Climate visits Low Carbon Hub

    Minister for Climate, Kerry McCarthy, visited Low Carbon Hub this week in her first ministerial visit, to learn more about community energy and the innovation work we’re doing at the grid edge to drive the transition to Net Zero. Low Carbon Hub welcomed a delegation from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero  including…
    19 July 2024
  • Great Big Green Week 2024  

    Low Carbon Hub is proud to have a network of 46 incredible community groups who do fantastic work to help combat climate change. Many groups organised inspiring events during Great Big Green Week to help their communities take positive steps towards a zero-carbon future. We were delighted to take part in some of the events.
    16 July 2024
  • Community benefit funding hits £1 million

    As of 2024 we hit an important milestone at Low Carbon Hub: we’ve reinvested over £1 million of our own income from our renewable energy projects back into the community. In addition, for every £1 of our own funds created, we’ve attracted an additional £13 in grants and contracts to support our communities, drive innovation…
    15 July 2024
  • Community Benefit and large-scale ground mount solar PV 

    To achieve our net zero goals, we need to prioritise a diverse mix of renewable energy sources to revolutionise our energy landscape.  Key components of this transition include a substantial increase in wind power capacity, both onshore and offshore. Additionally, solar energy will play a pivotal role, in the form on rooftop and large-scale ground…
    22 February 2024
  • Low Carbon Hub at the Environmental Audit Committee

    Low Carbon Hub CEO Barbara Hammond was invited to speak at the recent Environmental Audit Committee on ‘Enabling sustainable electrification of the UK economy’. The discussion delved into issues of connecting new renewables to the grid, planning processes, engaging with communities where renewable energy projects are set to be placed and the value of Local…
    5 February 2024
  • Routes To Retrofit: improving domestic energy efficiency in Oxfordshire 

    Community groups from Low Carbon Hub and CAG Oxfordshire were joined by experts from Oxfordshire County Council Retrofit Team, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire and the Barton Retrofit Cooperative, at this online event held on 20 September.  
    29 September 2023
  • There’s only one Low Carbon Hub!

    Change is afoot at Low Carbon Hub. As many of our supporters know, we have had a somewhat complicated double legal structure. But over the past few months our staff and board, with support from our members, have been working to simplify things. Previously Low Carbon Hub had operated as two separate organisations working in…
    26 June 2023
  • End of Project LEO celebrations!

    Project LEO, a unique and ambitious four-year collaborative innovation programme, celebrated the end of the project and the launch of its final report.  Project LEO, which stands for Local Energy Oxfordshire, was a multi-million-pound initiative that aimed to trial how we can create a  greener, more flexible and fair electricity system not just in Oxfordshire…
    1 March 2023
  • A People-Powered Transition: Why Community Energy Matters in Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero Review

    We take a look at Chris Skidmore’s Mission Zero report and the importance of community energy. In January, Chris Skidmore released his anticipated net-zero review: Mission Zero. The report calls for accelerated climate action from the UK Government. The Net Zero Review has travelled to all four nations of the UK, received 1800+ responses to…
    22 February 2023
  • Oxford recognised as a Net Zero leader on climate change with new innovation project

    Oxford has been recognised as a Net Zero leader in combatting climate change, having been awarded £75,000 feasibility funding by the government to help accelerate Oxford’s transition to Net Zero. Oxford has a goal to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions across the city as a wholeby the year 2040 – ten years ahead of the…
    13 February 2023
  • Low Carbon Hub’s 10 Years in 10 Numbers

    For over a decade, Low Carbon Hub has been at the heart of a growing partnership of people and organisations working together for a low carbon future.    At this important milestone, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has been achieved over these 10 years with the help of 10 numbers.   1.…
    10 November 2022
  • Please support our Warmer Winter Appeal

    Low Carbon Hub has launched a Crowdfunder to support vulnerable households during the energy crisis. We’re all experiencing the threat of spiralling energy costs, but for people already struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, the rising cost of electricity and gas will leave many with stark choices to make this winter. The problem The government’s pledge…
    4 November 2022