4: EV car charger and club 

Electrifying transportation is a pivotal component of the journey toward achieving net zero emissions. However, the move to electric vehicles (EVs) can be challenging for those who may be unable to afford to buy an EV, lack of off-street parking, or in areas where parking is at a premium.

Car-sharing programmes like Co-wheels can provide one solution, enabling residents to share access to an electric vehicle with a dedicated parking spot and charger.

By encouraging shared access to EVs and promoting sustainable public transportation, the burden on the energy network can be alleviated. Embracing a collaborative approach is key, including sharing valuable resources that go into the manufacture of an EV.  

As well as sharing EVs, sharing access to EV charging points is another way collaboration at the grid edge could support the transition to an electrified transport system. Shared public charging points is one option. Another is to enable EV drivers to access their neighbour’s EV charger and pay their share of the electricity bill. These strategies could optimise the usage of EV chargers despite parking space constraints, ensuring a more efficient and accessible charging infrastructure for all residents. 

Another potential benefit of EVs is that they are effectively ‘batteries on wheels’. They have the potential to play a key role in future grid balancing, providing local electricity storage, and then dispatching power as and when it is needed.  Once the motor industry has embraced this vehicle to grid approach it will bring a step change to grid flexibility and resilience. 

Reflective questions:

  • Where is your nearest local EV car charger? 
  • Why do you think Oxford is one of the two cities most suited to electric car investment within the UK?
  • How many traditionally powered cars do you think an EV car club could take off the road in your community? And why?

(Psst… High density, walkable, and good public transport might play a role)

Resources and reports:

Car batteries could play a key role in balancing the grid.  Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology is still in early stages of development Read more about the barriers and opportunities in this technical report. 

Considering car sharing? Find out more about a car club scheme pilot taking place across Oxfordshire.

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