Osney Island Grid Edge Tour 

Join us on a virtual tour of the local energy system and one community’s experience of becoming more active about the way it manages its energy use.

Osney Island is a community of 300 households in the heart of Oxford. It is surrounded by the river Thames and served by a single electricity substation, making it an ideal place from which to explore the grid edge.   

The ‘grid edge’ – the point at which we connect to the electricity network and electricity reaches our homes and businesses – has a key role to play in helping us reach our net zero carbon ambitions.  

On this virtual tour you’ll learn about the way our local electricity network works. We’ll also share the experiences of local people who took part in Osney Supercharge, a trial that explored how changes the way we generate, use and store electricity in our homes and businesses, can bring benefits to energy users, the community and the network.

To start the walk, please click on a point of interest either on the map or contents table below. 

Note: This is not a circular walk. It starts from Electric Avenue on Ferry Hinksey Road and ends at Osney Lock Hydro.

  1. 1 Primary substation
  2. 2 Secondary substation
  3. 3 Bridge Street
  4. 4 EV car charger and club 
  5. 5 Vishuddha Yoga Centre
  6. 6 The Punter
  7. 7 Osney Lock Hydro
  8. i Background information