CTG solar roof expansion

In November 2019 we installed an extension to our existing solar project on the roof of UTC Aerospace Systems CTG in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

The background

This solar roof array was already our largest rooftop solar install, and thought to be the UK’s largest community-owned rooftop solar array. When first installed, there were 2590 solar pv panels, enough to generate 593,204 kWh of clean electricity every year, powering 150 homes and avoiding 5800 tonnes of CO2 emissions entering the atmosphere over the 20 years of the project’s lifetime.

The extension

In November 2019 we added an extra 320 solar pv panels to the roof, adding an additional 100kW which will provide an additional annual generation of 88,000 kWh – this is enough to power 21 extra homes with clean, renewable energy.

The new addition brings CTG’s total number of solar panels to a huge 2910. The site will now have an annual generation of 666,608 kWh which is the same as:

  • Boiling 7,406,756 kettles
  • Making 22,220,267 slices of toast
  • Powering 5,796,591 hours of TV
  • Powering 3,653 fridges for a year

This also represents a further saving of 812 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the 20 years of the project’s lifetime.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in CTG’s rooftop solar project, then you might wish to:

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