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UTC Aerospace Systems CTG

The project:


CTG, the Banbury-based site of UTC Aerospace Systems, is now host to the UK’s biggest community-owned rooftop solar array.  At 712kW, the 2590 panel project will generate 593,304 kWh of clean electricity every year.  That's enough to power 150 homes and avoid 5800 tonnes of CO2 over the 20 years of the project’s lifetime. 

Our CTG array comes hot on the heels of our Prodrive HQ project, until now the UK's biggest community-owned rooftop solar project. 

For Banbury to have both of the UK's top two community-owned solar rooftops is fantastic, and we hope it will inspire other local businesses to go solar for community benefit.


While Prodrive was our last project to have secured the 4.85p feed-in tariff (FiT) rate, UTC Aerospace Systems CTG is the first example of our new business model working with the cut in solar subsidies. 

Describing the new model for working with local businesses Low Carbon Hub’s Tim Crisp said:

“We offer a zero cost solar PV installation with the additional benefit of an RPI-linked purchase price of the generated electricity, reducing a company’s exposure to the energy market. This shelters companies from energy price inflation and may even reduce the company’s electricity bills over the term of the lease. We also offer one of the cheapest ways for a business to reduce carbon emissions.”


The project was covered in an article by Business Green and the response from twitter was amazing -- congrats and encouragement from the cabinet office, MPs from all parties, local people and community groups, and captains of industry. Nick Hurd MP called it 'an ingenious win-win structure'...and it is! 

Let's do more of this, together!

Photos / map / Impact

  • 2590 number of panels
  • 5800 TONNES OF Co2 saved over 20 yearS
  • 712 KWP project size
  • 150 homes powered every year
  • 593K kwh of clean electricity generated each year
  • 100% surplus revenue goes into low carbon hub's community benefit fund
Tim Crisp Buisness and Schools Projects Low Carbon Hub Team 500
What made this project work in the context of massive solar subsidy cuts, was UTC Aerospace System’s corporate goals for carbon reductions and their willingness to see the social and environmental value of the community benefit fund our projects generate.

Tim Crisp, Business Project Manager

Our business is at the forefront of aerospace innovation and technology. We’re working on next generation aircraft that will enable greener flight. What we do inside our factory is reflected in what we do outside, using our roof space to generate clean energy whilst also helping the local community is a win-win for us all.

John England, Site Director UTAS, CTG

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