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  • We identify the opportunities for your business

    We assess the likely installed capacity of a solar installation on your rooftop and calculate the potential CO2 and electricity savings for your business. 

    We arrange surveys and make applications for grid connections and planning. 

    We draw up a legal agreement through which you lease us your roof space. 

    We do all of this at no cost to your business.

  • We don't ask your business for money

    We fund the installation ourselves, by structuring it as investment opportunities for local people. (Find out more about our Share Offers.)

    Low Carbon Hub develops the project and owns the solar panels, the electricity generated and the feed-in tariff revenue. 

    We sell the solar electricity to the host business and we sell any surplus clean energy the panels generate to the grid. 

    We reinvest 100% of our own surplus revenue (after costs and investor returns) in our Community Benefit Fund.

  • We deliver a project that benefits everybody

    This is a business model that benefits everyone. 

    • Our business partners get a zero or low-cost carbon reduction strategy, on-site renewable energy, and the opportunity to give back to their local community. 
    • Our investors get a good financial return and help scale up renewable energy in Oxfordshire. 
    • Our 35 renewable energy projects will generate over £4 million in community benefit funds over the next 20 years, which Low Carbon Hub will use to fund our ambitious Community Benefit Strategy. 

    Together we are creating an energy system we can all feel good about!

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