• Routes To Retrofit: improving domestic energy efficiency in Oxfordshire 

    Community groups from Low Carbon Hub and CAG Oxfordshire were joined by experts from Oxfordshire County Council Retrofit Team, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire and the Barton Retrofit Cooperative, at this online event held on 20 September.  
    29 September 2023
  • Beat the Heat

    Greetings! As summer temperatures kick in, it is crucial to find ways to beat the heat while keeping our environmental impact in mind. At Low Carbon Hub, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable living, and our new leaflet “Beat the Heat” provides valuable energy-saving advice to help you create a cooler and greener future.  We…
    7 July 2023
  • Energy Champions: watt’s the buzz?

    Our Low Carbon Hub Energy Champions have been creating a buzz across Oxfordshire, bringing energy advice and support to neighbourhoods across the county. In November 2022, volunteers from 14 Oxfordshire-based community groups joined Low Carbon Hub and facilitator Chris Church for a day’s training to empower them to become Energy Champions in their community.  At…
    14 June 2023