Acro Aircraft Seating

Acro Aircraft Seating, are now home to a rooftop solar PV array generating clean, green electricity right on site.

Acro Aircraft Seating

The 440 solar panels are set to generate nearly 170,000 kWh of clean energy every year, making it one of the largest community-owned renewable energy projects installed and managed by Low Carbon Hub.

This renewable energy generated will save around 35 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted each year.

Acro are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of passenger seats for commercial airlines around the world. Low Carbon Hub worked with Genfit to install the community-owned solar array on their roof at their main site at Northamptonshire.

Approximately 29% of Acro’s energy needs will be met by the clean energy generated directly on site.

Our community benefit model means that all profits from the sale of electricity will go towards funding community-led action to cut carbon in local communities.   

solar panels installed
kWp installed capacity
electricity needs met on-site
tonnes CO₂ emissions to be saved over project life