Low Carbon Hub receives Lord Mayor of Oxford’s Climate Change Fund

We are delighted to announce we have received £5,000 of investment into the Community Energy Fund from the Lord Mayor’s Charity Trust.

During former Lord Mayor Craig Simmons’ term as Mayor (2019-21), Oxford City Council declared a climate emergency and Craig was really focused on how the city could play its part in the face of the global threat of climate change.

The Lord Mayor’s Climate Change Fund was set up so people could donate and show their support for local projects tackling climate change.

How did it work?

Each mayor supports one or two organisations in their term – raising money at events and through their engagements. Former Mayor Craig Simmons chose to support Low Carbon Hub and set up the Climate Change Fund.

The Fund collected donations from individuals and organsiations that were keen to act on climate change. The money raised was then invested by The Lord Mayor’s Charity Trust in the Low Carbon Hub’s Community Energy Fund.

These funds have been used to support local community energy projects, such as installing more solar PV arrays on school roofs.

Each year, the Lord Mayor’s charity will receive interest on their investment. Which the charity can use to support its on-going community grants programme.

We would like to thank Mayor Craig Simmons for setting up this Fund and to also extend our huge thanks to anyone that donated.

In total, the Community Energy Fund raised a whopping £3 million which is going to be used to develop a pipeline of rooftop solar PV projects and build Ray Valley Solar, a 19MW ground mount solar park, situated near Bicester.