Introducing the Low Carbon Hub Webinar Series 2021

Earlier this year we ran a series of webinars, discussing the future of energy and our work at the Low Carbon Hub to create an energy system, which is good for people and for the planet, in Oxfordshire and beyond.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our next Low Carbon Hub webinar series so you can find out more about the work we do here at the Hub and what work we plan to do with the investment from the Community Energy Fund 2021.

Below you’ll find the details for our upcoming webinars, as well as how you can catch up with webinars, which have already taken place.

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Upcoming Low Carbon Hub webinars

An introduction to the Low Carbon Hub with Barbara Hammond and Saskya Huggins | 6pm, Tuesday 12 January

The Low Carbon Hub’s Barbara Hammond (CEO) and Saskya Huggins (Social Impact Director) discuss the vision and impact of the Hub so far as well as why investing in community energy is a powerful action to take against the climate crisis, and our latest investment opportunity within the Community Energy Fund.

Each year, Oxfordshire spends £1.5 billion on energy. By encouraging energy efficiency, increasing local energy generation, supporting the shift to electric transport and championing community ownership, Low Carbon Hub is ensuring that more of this money stays local. In the process, we are creating a better energy template for not just Oxfordshire but the whole of the UK.

Powering up & powering down: A panel of Low Carbon Hub programmes | 6pm, Tuesday 26 January

Join us for a panel event discussing the wide-reaching work of the Low Carbon Hub as we take a look at two of the three strands of our work.

Powering up means shifting to renewable energy generation and away from reliance on fossil fuels. In Oxfordshire, Low Carbon Hub is a central part of that shift, generating clean electricity through solar and hydro projects. Project Manager James Ochiltree and Asset Manager Harry Orchard will be joining us to discuss the Hub’s installation portfolio and how to work with the Low Carbon Hub on a new installation project.

Powering down means increasing the energy efficiency of our buildings to reduce energy demand and usage. In the UK our buildings are largely poorly insulated and energy inefficient, and there is little incentive to improve this due to the commercial operators who continue to sell more energy. At the Low Carbon Hub we want to create those incentives, making it easy and cost-effective to improve energy efficiency. We are going to be joined by Alison Grunewald (OxFutures & Energy Solutions Oxfordshire) and Tabitha Whiting (Cosy Homes Oxfordshire) to discuss energy efficiency programmes for businesses and increasing retrofits for homes across Oxfordshire.

Innovation at the Low Carbon Hub | 6pm, Tuesday 9 February

In the third webinar of the series, we will be taking a look at the third strand of the Low Carbon Hub’s work: innovation. We have a strong emphasis on innovation at the Low Carbon Hub, working with a variety of project partners to catalyse system change and move community energy forward.

The UK’s electricity system is changing, and we want to play a central role in developing that smarter, flexible electricity system of the future in Oxfordshire. One that has people and communities at its heart. Join Low Carbon Hub Directors, Barbara Hammond (CEO) and Adriano Figueiredo (Innovation Director) to hear about Project LEO – one of the most ambitious and innovative smart grid trials to have been conducted in the UK.

Ground mount solar in Oxfordshire | 6pm, Tuesday 2 March

In our final webinar, Low Carbon Hub’s Business Development Director, Tom Heel will be discussing the rise of ground mount solar and more specifically our new ground mount solar project: Ray Valley Solar Park.

Planning permission has been secured for Ray Valley Solar, a 19 MW ground mount solar park situated near Arncott, three miles south east of Bicester. The final project design is in development but is anticipated to comprise 45,000 solar panels on an 80-acre site. Ray Valley Solar will be the largest community-owned solar park in the UK and will generate 18 GWh of clean green electricity every year, enough to power over 6,000 homes. It will also form a key part of Project LEO.

Catch up with previous webinars

To catch up with previous Low Carbon Hub webinars, visit our YouTube channel.

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