Community Group of the Month: Eynsham

We are delighted to announce that GREEN TEA (TRANSITION EYNSHAM AREA) is our  Community Group of the Month for September 2021!

Green TEA (Transition Eynsham Area) is a vibrant and dedicated group that has been finding local solutions to climate change for twelve years. They are part of the Transition Network, a grassroots movement that helps communities to cope with the transition from a fossil-fuel based polluting economy to a way of living that is made sustainable by the use of clean, renewable energy and locally grown produce.

Green TEA is made up of several action groups including a thriving Energy Group that is working with the Low Carbon Hub on the Eynsham Smart & Fair Futures project that aims to increase smart, clean energy in the area through Project LEO, Local Energy Oxfordshire. They are developing a Zero Carbon Energy Action Plan for the whole Eynsham Primary Substation Area.

The group has a relationship with Low Carbon Hub spanning over 10 years and worked with the Hub to install three community owned solar PV projects with the largest at the Village Hall. Part of the money generated helps to support other local energy projects.

Green TEA is working to transform Eynsham’s energy to ensure that all new building reaches the highest environmental standards, piloting a smarter way of using the grid and producing community owned energy. They are championing self build and community led housing and have developed a route plan to enable the community to contribute at an early stage to the planning proposals of large new developments.

They have a popular annual festival that has grown to be a celebration of all aspects of their work to transform Eynsham’s energy.

Great Big Green Week in Eynsham

Later on in September, communities across the country will join together for the Great Big Green Week. It will be the biggest event for climate and nature ever in the UK, and everyone’s invited!

Eynsham Green TEA have a packed and exciting set of activities to celebrate GBGW from 18 to 26 September including : 

  • Great Big Day Out – a holiday competition for schools and families that will form an exhibition.
  • Children’s Trail featuring workshops from Curiosity Box 
  • E car kit races
  • Test drive an EV and E bike
  • Talks in a Tent from Barbara Hammond, Charlie Luxton, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire.
  • Grid Balancing Game 
  • Build your own eco community