Eynsham Village Hall and St Peters Church

Eynsham Village Hall and St Peters Church was our very first Low Carbon Hub community project, conducted during 2012. Solar panels were installed on the village hall (12.65kW) and on the adjoining presbytery of St Peter’s Church (6kW).

Low Carbon Hub worked closely with local low carbon group, Transition Eynsham (Eynsham GreenTEA) to deliver the project. The project aimed to provide clean, green electricity and a revenue stream to fund other carbon-reducing initiatives in the area.

kW installed capacity
annual generation (kWh)
kettles boiled (equivalent)
tonnes of CO₂ emissions saved each year

Statistics for Eynsham Village Hall only.

Low Carbon Hub is working with low carbon community groups like Eynsham to help them “power up” – develop renewable energy projects –and “power down” – reduce energy demand –to build a cleaner, greener future for Oxfordshire.

Ambitious community-led projects like Eynsham can contribute a step-change in people’s thinking about energyand inspire others to take action. The Low Carbon Hub wants to help other communities do this and to see a green energyrevolution across Oxfordshire.

Nominate a community building for a free energy audit

Thanks to a grant from Westmill Solar Co-operative, we are able to offer fully-funded energy audits for community buildings – the first step to reducing the building’s energy use and increasing energy efficiency.