• Sandford Weir Investigation Updates

    Following the significant fall in river levels in the Sandford reach on Sunday 29 May 2022, which resulted in damage to boats, we have been working with the Environment Agency staff and a marine expert, appointed by our insurers, to support investigations as to the cause.   Low Carbon Hub is satisfied that the hydro…
    15 December 2022
  • Sandford Hydro on a sunny day

    Minimum Viable System Trials taking place at Sandford Hydro

    Last month, Low Carbon Hub Operations Manager, Harry Orchard, carried out several Minimum Viable System (MVS) trials at Sandford Hydro as part of Project LEO. What is a Minimum Viable System trial? A Minimum Viable System is the minimum set of participants, technologies and practices required to test a new process, service, or asset. Referred…
    13 May 2021
  • Take a virtual tour of Sandford Hydro

    As part of the Oxford Preservation Trust’s all-new virtual Oxford Open Doors format for 2020, earlier this month the Low Carbon Hub participated by entering a virtual tour of the Sandford Hydroelectric plant in Sandford-on-Thames. We created the Sandford Hydro tour so that anyone can take a look inside the control room and turbine hut at…
    22 September 2020
  • Sandford Hydro

    MSc Students visit Sandford Hydro

    On 17 October a group of Oxford University master’s students visited Sandford Hydro as part of their Energy Systems course. The group received a tour from Harry Orchard, our Operations and Maintenance Assistant, and were shown the inner workings of the electric hydro plant. They went inside the control room where it’s possible to see the overview…
    31 October 2019
  • Sandford Hydro

    An update on Sandford Hydro (November 2018)

    The new generation season for Sandford Hydro is restarting again with the (slow) return of the rains! Clean electricity is now being generated by the hydro on the weir at Sandford, although not yet at full power. It is the large winter output of the hydro that brilliantly complements solar panels, which this summer experienced record…
    13 October 2018
  • Teal blue colour block - the colour of our Sandford Hydro screws

    Poll results: colour for Sandford Hydro screws

    We asked and you chose a colour for the Archimedes screws at Sandford! Last week we did a poll to ask what colour we should specify for the three Archimedes screws at Sandford Hydro. With 36% of the vote the winner was Water Blue RAL 5021! If you’d like to receive occasional updates just about progress…
    20 November 2016