The way we power our lives must change. And here in Oxfordshire, we are showing the world how it’s done.

To prevent runaway climate change we need to find a way to meet our energy needs whilst keeping fossil fuels in the ground. To do this, we need more renewable generation, greater capacity to store energy, and to find ways to shift our energy demand to better match times of surplus renewable energy generation.

We also need the green electricity we generate to work harder for us. We have to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings and free up capacity in the system so we can electrify our transport and heating.

The drive to decarbonise the grid in recent years is already having a significant impact on the average carbon intensity of the UK’s electricity. This means that the reduced carbon savings per unit of green electricity we generate are actually a cause of celebration. As the technologies and markets that underpin our energy system change, we want everyone to be able to benefit from the new opportunities that arise, and for no one to be left behind.

The Low Carbon Hub continues to work within a growing ecosystem of community, commercial, public sector, and academic partners. Together we are seeking equitable and practical real world solutions that put people and their needs at the heart of the energy system.

This is just the start of what is possible. If we succeed, we can build a beacon for an alternative future. An example for the world to follow.

In this, our Social Impact Report 2020, we share our progress towards this goal. Thank you to our members and partners for your extraordinary support over the last 12 months. Together we can continue to put Oxfordshire at the forefront of the energy revolution