Sonning Common Primary School

Sonning Common Primary School was the 25th Low Carbon Hub Solar School, with 84 solar pv panels installed which are owned and managed by Low Carbon Hub.

The school is a OCC Maintained School located in South Oxfordshire and is home to almost 400 pupils The solar panels generate 20,320 kWh of clean electricity every year, helping to power the school and reduce its reliance on the carbon intensive national grid. At the same time, they also support the education of pupils, demonstrating visually the role of renewables in a low carbon future energy system.

solar panels
kW installed capacity
annual generation (kWh)
school's electricity needs met
savings to school bills over lifetime
tonnes of CO₂ emissions to saved over lifetime

The panels look great … they look like they’ve always been there and the process from start to finish was smooth, quick, easy and well-managed by Lowcarbonhub!


Could your school be a solar school?

If you work in a school in Oxfordshire, and you’re interested in finding out more about how your school could work with us to install a solar array, please contact our Projects Manager.