Prodrive, a British engineering company, partnered with the Low Carbon Hub to host a large solar installation. A grand total of 2,446 solar panels was installed to help the company reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills and to generate funds to benefit local communities. The solar array is owned and maintained by the Low Carbon Hub over the 20 year lifespan of the project – all at no cost whatsoever to the business.

The panels have been installed at Prodrive headquarters in Banbury, where most of the business’s engineering, design and manufacturing takes place, building and racing familiar names like Aston Martin, MINI and VW. We’re pleased to be reducing the carbon footprint of this industry, alongside Prodrive’s own efforts through innovation on electric and hybrid vehicles. The business is an iconic part of Banbury’s scene, so we hope that the panels will spread awareness of climate change and energy in the area, as well as reaching Prodrive’s team of over 500 people.

The 2,446 solar panels stacked on end would be as tall as the Atlas Mountains, and save the equivalent COevery year of driving a fossil fuel powered car to the moon and back!

solar panels installed
kWp installed capacity
kWh annual generation
company's electricity needs met
tonnes CO₂ saved over project life
cost of installation to Prodrive

Could your business save money on energy bills and cut your carbon emissions?

If you work in a business in Oxfordshire, and you’re interested in finding out more about how you could work with us to install a solar array on your building, please get in touch.