People’s Power Station

Showcasing renewable energy generation and energy efficiency projects across Oxfordshire – no matter how big or small

The People’s Power Station is an online platform set up by Low Carbon Hub. It showcases actions people across Oxfordshire are taking to help consign fossil fuels to history, gathering and displaying information on renewable energy generation, and energy efficiency projects across the county.

The projects mapped to date (2023) include 310 renewable energy installations, and 308 energy efficiency projects.

People's Power Station screenshot

In terms of renewable energy generation projects, we have our own Low Carbon Hub installations, as well as installations from other local community energy organisations and from individuals – such as rooftop solar panels installed on households.  

As you can see in the example below of Cherwell School (one of our solar schools), People’s Power Station shows how much energy is being generated each year, as well as translating this into the carbon emissions saved.

Cherwell School on People's Power Station

As well as renewable energy projects, the platform also highlights projects working on energy efficiency, driving down our energy use and waste. This includes businesses who have implemented energy saving measures through OxFutures.

Can I submit a project to People’s Power Station?

Yes you can! The People’s Power Station is designed to show how many different projects can add up to have a huge impact in a local area. We want to get as many renewable generation and energy efficiency projects ‘plugged in’ to the People’s Power Station as possible – but we need your help to do that.

To submit your project to People’s Power Station you need to fill in a form for us, giving us information about the project so that we can upload it to the platform.