A House Like Mine

Around 25% of Oxford’s carbon emissions are from residential buildings and reducing these emissions requires retrofitting over 50,000 homes by 2040.

This project builds on previous and current work from the project partners to support people to reduce their energy demand and retrofit their homes.

Inspired to act

A House Like Mine is centred around the creation of information materials on retrofitting. We are creating ‘case studies’ with real people and real houses to demonstrate the energy improvements work that could be possible in their homes. We want people to see these case studies, recognise ‘a house like mine’ and be inspired to act.

In the first stage, the project is working with homeowners to take part as case studies. They will receive a Whole House Plan Cosy Homes Oxfordshire (find out more about the process here [YouTube]. This is a bespoke, detailed plan highlighting the energy improvements that could be made to a property covering everything from loft insulation and external wall cladding to the installation of renewable technologies such as rooftop solar PV and heat pumps.

The next phase is to create the information materials and develop an engagement plan for them to be rolled out.