Earth is Baking (two versions) – Adriano Figueiredo

Earth is baking
The ground is parched
Ice is melting
Rivers are flooding
Kids are angry
Adults in denial
Politicians warm words
Are just hot air
Prove them wrong
By showing you care

And the rude version…

Earth is baking
People are dying

Cities flooding
And forests on fire

Kids are in deep shit
Politicians do fuck all

And meanwhile, you spend it all

Cruises to the fjords
Gas guzzlers in the drive

greenwash at the dinner table
investments in oil

pull your finger out of your arse
stop your denial

look out the window
and open your eye

Change is at hand
if only you try

Barbara Hammond

Haiku for the Hub I
Sun and blue panels –
The Low Carbon Hub gathers
Love for the blue planet.

Haiku for the Hub II
Our blue planet Earth –
We help the frog to leap from
The warming water.

Clerihew for the Hub I
The Low Carbon Hub
Is a welcoming club
For those who want traction
On climate change action!

Clerihew for the Hub II
The human race
Can move at some pace
It will need to move faster
If we are to last here.

For Sandford Hydro (to the tune of ‘Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen….)
Sandford Hydro, Sandford Hydro turning round and round!
Sandford Hydro, Sandford Hydro, making quite a sound….
Long may you turn!
Stopping fossil burn!
Sandford Hydro, Sandford Hydro, Sandford Hydro!

Limerick for the Low Carbon Hub
There once was a Low Carbon Hub,
Whose staff thought they’d go to the pub,
But when they got there
The landlord was bare-
-ly able to serve them their grub!

Earth Calling – Cathy Ryan

Oh beautiful Earth, this planet of ours
So perfectly poised ‘ twixt sun, moon and stars
To spin on it’s axis a wonderful vision
A balancing act of thrilling precision
But something’s amiss with signs of a strain
Our romance so fragile has started to wain
We took you for granted, discarded your treasures
Our friendship once trusting is in special measures
You tried to warn us but we weren’t looking
As the earth was heating and quietly cooking
We failed to notice that we were cruel
Tactlessly burning up fossil fuel
But all is not lost, it’s never too late
Without you we’re nothing so let’s not wait
Start making amends without delay
Reducing emissions and starting today!

Light in Dark Days – Kat Luddecke

A hub of action
Open to people
And new ideas
The difficult projects
Churning the water
Delighting the fish
Turning Archimedes on his head
Warming the walls
Catching the rays
So we can live, work and study
Without trashing our home
Open to the challenge
Of collaboration
Of a future in transition
A labour of love
We can all be part of

I’ve Given you my Ore – Cerys McColl

I’ve given you my ore …
But like selfish children wanting more
You’ve stripped me bare and taken all!

I’ve lived 4 million years and more
I’ve given you my ore …

My past is written for all to see
In every bore you drill into me
Each era defined is a lesson learned
You learn nothing…. the clues are spurned!

I’ve fed and sustained all manner of life,
I’m now bled dry, fighting to survive.
You’ve taken my trees, my forests galore

And let plastics wash up upon my shore (bastards)
The Jurassic age, now that was fun,
But then you bloody humans come.
You were fed and watered and you thrived
The more you asked the more I gave
I am now depleted, not yet in my grave!

I’ve given you my gas my ore
But no, no! You still want more

I’m weakened now and fear for life
So leave me alone and let me be
Then, just maybe, I can look after thee.

Roger Baker (Science Oxford)

The planet’s in trouble,
Australia’s on fire
The polar bears are weeping,
Ignore Donald the liar.

There’s still time to act,
We can get out of the poo,
Take a lead from young Greta,
Just do whatever you can do.

Here’s a few examples,
Change to a green energy supplier,
Cut down on your waste and,
Become a less frequent flier.

Learn to love this small planet,
Everyone needs to play a part,
It’s the only home we’ve got,
So use your head and your heart.