Welcome to our 2022 Social Impact Report, a summary of the contribution we have made during the past financial year towards the creation of an energy system that’s good for people and good for the planet.

Highlights from 2021/22 include:

  • the new 300+ investor Members who have joined us, putting their savings to work supporting community-owned renewables
  • over £1.9 million of new investment raised to support our growing portfolio of renewables bringing total investment to over £10 million
  • 35,000 solar panels installed at Ray Valley Solar, bringing the total number of Hub-owned panels to 50,000
  • almost £3 million of community benefit activities carried out across Oxfordshire supporting individuals, communities and organisations and catalysing innovation
  • hitting a key OxFutures target a year ahead of schedule – awarding almost 200 SMEs with energy assessments.

The growing level of extreme weather being experienced around the world,
and the escalating energy crisis, has made our work at the ‘grid edge’ more
important than ever.

Our energy efficiency projects Energy Solutions Oxfordshire for businesses
and Cosy Homes Oxfordshire for homeowners are helping our communities
reduce their energy demand.

Our innovative work in Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire) aims to
put communities at the heart of a smart and more flexible energy system.
Sadly, our work continued to be affected by Covid-19 and global supply chain
issues this year, which delayed completion of Ray Valley Solar and affected
a number of our activities. We are also becoming increasingly frustrated
that ‘business as usual’ can hamper the innovation needed to accelerate
the transition to a low carbon energy system.

We draw strength from the knowledge we are not alone in our efforts, and
we thank everyone who has been involved with, and supported our work
over the past year.