The days of fossil fuels are numbered. The shift to renewable energy generation is gaining pace and gives us the opportunity to reshape the way we manage our energy.

We are a social enterprise that’s out to prove we can meet our energy needs in a way that’s good for people, and good for the planet.

In this, our second, Social Impact Report we share our progress against four sets of indicators – planet, prosperity, people and perception – for the 2017/18 financial year. This report does not include the impact of the ONCORE solar PV arrays that we have recently taken on. We have reported on the performance of these projects in our Portfolio Performance Summaries and we look forward to including their social impact figures in next year’s report.

With the support of our Members and partners, we have built renewable energy projects across Oxfordshire that are producing electricity that is not just cleaner and greener, but cheaper too. There is so much more to do – the opportunity is huge – and we look forward to working with our investor Members and partners to creating a better energy system for Oxfordshire and the rest of the UK.