Work continued on Ray Valley Solar, with generation starting in August 2022, with encouraging initial results. Our portfolio of rooftop solar arrays also grew by 745 kWp installed capacity. Together, they have made a huge step change in the contribution we can make to locally generated green electricity.

2022/23 was the final year of OxFutures, a collaboration made possible by £4.2 m of investment from the European Regional Development Fund. Through a combination of energy efficiency and innovation grants, energy assessments, and knowledge transfer workshops, the programme supported hundreds of local organisations, more than a quarter of them not-for-profits.

It was also the final year of Project Local Energy Oxfordshire (LEO), the £40 m collaboration seeking to accelerate the UK’s transition to a zero carbon energy system. Our solar arrays took part in new flexibility market trials, and, although Sandford Hydro had a disappointing year in terms of generation, it was none the less able to contribute to significant learning for smart energy systems through the trials.

The cost of energy crisis in the winter of 2022/23 saw us increase our focus on fuel poverty. Working with our community groups, we trained and supported a team of volunteer energy champions and advisors to deliver energy advice within their communities. This work would not have been possible without the community benefit funding generated by the projects you have invested in. Thank you.