Schools working together to be net zero: join the Let’s Go Zero campaign

Led by a powerful coalition of sustainability organisations, Let’s Go Zero is uniting and supporting UK schools working to become zero carbon by 2030.

In October 2020, charities including Ashden, Global Action Plan and the Fairtrade Foundation teamed up to launch a new initiative helping UK schools transition to net-zero. The ‘Let’s Go Zero’ initiative provides schools that have not yet set net-zero targets with the inspiration, motivation, and practical support they need. Schools that already have net-zero objectives are encouraged to share best-practice advice, develop roadmaps for delivery, and promote climate-related activities to staff, students, and families.

From car-free school runs and plant-based canteens, schools across the country are already inspiring entire communities to think and act differently – but many feel like they are doing so alone and with stretched resources. Let’s Go Zero provides a powerful route for schools to drive impact-led action and unite behind a call for much-needed funding to help all schools to become cleaner, healthier and sustainable learning environments.

Sonja Graham, co-chief executive at Global Action Plan

Why are schools so important?

Schools can play a critical role in helping the UK cut carbon emission levels, and even the most minor actions can have a big difference. UK schools could reduce energy costs by £44million per year, which means they have the power to prevent 625,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Young people have already been calling for climate action for a long time. Taking action empowers young people to respond to an issue they care about – one that profoundly affects them and the people they love.

School-aged children are in 42% of all UK households; therefore, our classrooms can act as conduits to inspire progress across communities. Change in schools is already helping whole families (as well as school staff) see the many benefits of thinking and acting more sustainably. Low-carbon schools plant bright ideas in our homes, streets and workplaces.

By putting climate action at the heart of everyday school life, Let’s Go Zero creates powerful learning opportunities. These equip young people for the green jobs and opportunities of the future.

School toolbox

As part of the campaign, a school toolbox has been created to help schools share the pledge, celebrate progress, inspire and empower students, and encourage other schools to join.

Get involved

If you are a headteacher, governor or another senior team member, you can sign your school up for the campaign. If you don’t have that authority, you can still help your school sign up by contacting your school leadership about the campaign.