Windmill Primary School

Windmill Primary School is based in Headington, and is a larger primary school, teaching 570 pupils between the ages of 4 and 11. Windmill Primary has had huge academic success in recent years, with Headmistress Lynn Knapp taking the school from being rated inadequate in 2007 to being one of a handful of Oxford primary schools awarded Outstanding by Ofsted.

The school has a Silver Eco-Schools award, with two students from each year on the eco committee. We were able to add to this sustainability focus by installing solar panels on their school roof, enabling the school to generate green electricity, reduce the community’s carbon footprint and inspire pupils to learn more about energy and climate change.

The school received fantastic support from the Windmill environmental parents group for the project – who collectively have considerable energy expertise, and have helped lead energy efficiency initiatives within the school. We also had support from local community group Low Carbon Headington.

solar panels
kW installed capacity
annual generation (kWh)
school's electricity needs met
savings to school bills over lifetime
tonnes of CO₂ emissions saved every year

Could your school be a solar school?

If you work in a school in Oxfordshire, and you’re interested in finding out more about how your school could work with us to install a solar array, please contact our Projects Manager.