West Oxford: ‘Street By Street’ Project

Street by Street was a project run by Low Carbon West Oxford in 2018, engaging with householders on three chosen streets in West Oxford to help them reduce their home energy use and cut their carbon emissions.

A quarter of all the UK’s carbon emissions are from the energy we use to heat and power our homes. Improving the energy performance of our homes is a key part of the puzzle in cutting harmful carbon emissions, which will help protect our overheating planet.

Low Carbon West Oxford ran the project with a team of 12 volunteers who recruited 20 householders to take part in the programme on the streets of Binsey Lane, Harley Road, and Duke Street. The volunteer team recruited residents through posters, leaflets and door-knocking to encourage take up.

Participating householders attended a series of workshops delivered by trained volunteers, and a further group of four volunteers delivered carbon footprinting for residents.

Bierce Surveying were then commissioned to provide professional energy assessments for each household. They carried out a full survey of every home and provided advice on small measures and next steps homeowners could take to lower their energy use.

The one-to-one home visits proved very popular with residents and the installation of simple to install measures such as radiator panels, chimney balloons, draught proofing and energy efficient light bulb audits was fully embraced.

The project was funded by a Low Carbon Hub large grant of £7,588, allowing materials to be produced and workshops to be delivered.

grant funding from Low Carbon Hub
UK's emissions come from the home
volunteers delivered carbon footprinting
households took part in the project

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Thanks to a grant from Westmill Solar Co-operative, we are able to offer fully-funded energy audits for community buildings – the first step to reducing the building’s energy use and increasing energy efficiency.

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