West Kidlington Primary School

West Kidlington Primary School had 22.5kWp of solar installed in collaboration with Low Carbon Hub. Each year, it generates 18,099kWh of clean electricity to power the school, saving 6.8 tonnes of CO₂ emissions. In addition to this, the installation also benefits their 375 pupils, offering a chance to increase their understanding about climate change, energy, and the role of renewables in the future energy system.

West Kidlington School was already doing great work on sustainability, achieving a Silver Eco Schools award and working towards a Green Flag award. The school has an active Eco Team with representatives from every Key Stage 2 class, who have worked on the school’s recycling facilities, installing compost bins into classrooms and school energy reduction plans.

West Kidlington’s solar panels were funded through our Low Carbon Hub 2015 community share offer, giving staff, parents and local residents the opportunity to invest and own the installation. The funds from the electricity generated give a return to the community who have invested in the panels, as well as helping reduce school bills and enabling future community-benefit projects.

Energy reports

solar panels
kW installed capacity
annual generation (kWh)
school's electricity needs met
savings to school bills over lifetime
tonnes of CO₂ emissions saved every year

Could your school be a solar school?

If you work in a school in Oxfordshire, and you’re interested in finding out more about how your school could work with us to install a solar array, please contact our Projects Manager.