St Andrew’s Church: Under Floor Heating

St Andrew’s Church in Sandford on Thames replaced their old overhead electric radiant heaters with underfloor heating, fuelled from three 110 metre deep boreholes. This project has provided the Church with a source of sustainable energy to heat this ancient listed building.

The Sandford Hydro CIC worked closely with the Church’s Vicar and parishioners to arrange and manage the installation, with funding provided in part by a Low Carbon Hub grant.

The new ground-source heating system has reduced the carbon emissions of the Church. The old electric heaters used considerably more electricity for little benefit; they tended to ‘overheat the head while the feet froze’ and the new underfloor heating system is not only more sustainably sourced but also better for the building by maintaining a constant temperature throughout the year.

The ‘invisible’ heating now ensures a warm welcome to all visitors in all seasons.

We were so pleased to provide just a tiny part of the funding needed for this worthwhile project!

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