Kirtlington Village Hall: solar panel battery

In 2019 Sustainable Kirtlington undertook a project to install 32 solar pv panels onto the roof of Kirtlington Village Hall. They initially applied for one of our Low Carbon Hub large grants, which allowed them to carry out an initial feasibility study, to see if the Hall roof was suitable for having solar pv panels installed. They were then able to fund the installation through £40,000 of funding from Viridor Credits as well as crowdfunding donations from local villagers.

The panels are fully operational and generating electricity, which is stored in a battery on-site. The Hall is also able to export excess electricity to the grid, bringing in a small financial gain of around £1,338 per year. The estimated annual output is 8,277 kwh with a total estimated financial gain of £1,338. The CO₂ emissions saved from 30th March to 18th August 2019 were 4,512.48 lbs.

solar panels installed
lb CO₂ emissions saved (Mar-Aug 2019)
kWh electricity generated per year
earned per year from selling excess electricity

Sustainable Kirtlington’s Village Hall Green Energy project is an inspiring example of what can be achieved by a strong community spirit, some committed residents and a good idea.

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Here is our Kirtlington Village case study poster: