Charlbury Primary School

Charlbury Primary School had 96 solar panels installed on their rooftop, in partnership with Low Carbon Hub. The 96 panels on the school roof will generate 21,312kWh clean electricity per year and save 10 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

The school had already been doing great work engaging pupils with environmental issues. The school is part of the Eco-Schools international award programme and has received the programme’s ‘Silver award’ in recognition of its achievement in integrating sustainable practices into everyday school life.

The solar panels were funded as part of a Low Carbon Hub share offer, meaning that parents, staff, and members of the local community had the opportunity to invest, own the panels, and gain interest on the electricity generated and sold.

kWp installed capacity
solar panels
annual generation (kWh)
of the school's electricity demand met on-site
discount to the site on solar electricity purchased
tonnes of CO₂ emissions saved every year
cost to the school for the term of the project
estimated savings for the school over the project lifetime

It shows how valuable and important the sun is to us because it can provide and save electricity as well as keeping us alive. Solar panels are a renewable energy source which saves the school money and our planet. Solar panels save the school lots of money so we can spend the savings on ICT equipment.

Could your school be a solar school?

If you work in a school in Oxfordshire, and you’re interested in finding out more about how your school could work with us to install a solar array, please contact our Projects Manager.