3Keel Sustainability Advisors

3Keel received an OxFutures grant from GreenFund to install new heating and light systems to reduce energy consumption.

The Project

3Keel are an Oxford-based sustainability consultancy committed to making food systems, supply chains, and landscapes fit for the futures.

We welcomed the opportunity to improve the impact of an existing UK office by investing in energy efficiency and on-site renewable energy generation. One of our first acts involved the carrying out of an energy audit with OxFutures to identify the key areas for enhancement to reduce the overall impact of our business.

3Keel Sustainability Report 2019

The energy audit recommended a host of measures that 3Keel could install to reduce their energy bills, make their workspace more comfortable and reduce their carbon emissions. The recommendations included upgrading their electric heating as well as simple things like adding sensors to extraction fans. OxFutures helped the organisation make decisions on what to prioritise and here are some of the measures 3Keel decided to go ahead with.

By upgrading their electric heating system to utilise more modern technology (Wi-Fi controllable independent thermostats on each unit) as well as simple things like adding sensors to extraction fans they have been able to reduce the amount of energy they use and increase their savings.

In addition to these more technical changes, 3Keel also changed all their lighting to LEDs and installed a 9.7 kWp solar PV array on their roof. The solar array is now making them a significant net exporter of electricity in the late spring to early autumn and is delivering about half of their total energy demand.

3Keel are always looking at ways to make their business operate more efficiently and with the energy audit they received they will have the knowledge to incrementally implement more efficiency measures as and when they are able.