Westmill wind farm co-operative

The Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative was the first 100% community owned onshore wind farm to be built in the South of England. It is located on a working organic farm in the village of Watchfield near Swindon.

It was established as a co-operative to provide an opportunity for all who were concerned with the effects of climate change to become involved in the ownership and operation of a wind farm. The co-op now has over 2000 members.

Setting up the wind farm in 2008 involved the purchase and construction of 5 wind turbines which are connected to an on site electricity sub-station where the electricity is generated and sold.

The 5 turbines were named by children from 5 local primary schools.

They generate an average of 10.2 GWh per year and save 5000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The site is open to visits from schools and colleges and the visits are managed by the Charitable Trust, Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust.