Low CarboN East Oxford

LCEO are a small community group running initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of East Oxford.

At the start of 2020, we decided to be guided by David Attenborough’s 4 themes for addressing global warming: eating a more plant-based diet, reducing food waste, changing how we use energy  (that’s in homes, transport, anywhere!) and lobbying. We ran a workshop on changing habits, a month of plant-eating tips on facebook and a Q & A workshop on electric vehicles.

There are of course many things we could do – that depends on more people giving it a go! In 2019 we ran a small domestic tree-planting scheme, passing on free trees to locals for their gardens, where appropriate, and we’ve gone for walks in local green spaces and learned about One Planet Living. In the past LCEO has done a lot of work on retrofitting houses and facilitated the installation of solar panels.