Greener Great Coxwell

Greener Great Coxwell is a newly formed low carbon community group in the beautiful village of Great Coxwell. They have plans to create a solar energy project and are investigating a collective heating system for the village from renewable energy sources.

They would like to generate renewable electricity for the parish from solar pv. They would also like to supply houses in the village with heating that comes from a renewable source such as a ground source heat pump that heats water to 70 degrees. They are hoping it would be possible for the solar energy generated to power the heat pump so that the village receives the benefit of the power they generate. Both projects together should significantly reduce the local carbon footprint and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

It’s important that the scheme is inclusive, community owned and generate community benefit.

The group feel strongly about biodiversity, and they are working with local landowners to establish a community orchard and are supporting a local farmer to experiment with rewilding the land that surrounds the village.