Cholsey Environment Champions

Cholsey Parish Council declared a Climate and Environment Emergency and have employed an Environmental Coordinator to oversee the activities and events taking place in Cholsey to reduce carbon emissions in the area.

Cholsey Environment Champions (CHEC) formed with the purpose of 

  • Working towards significantly reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Promoting the protection and restoration of the natural world to prevent widespread biodiversity and species loss.

Five main activity groups have been activated, including:

  • Food and Growing
  • Transport
  • Wildlife
  • Carbon Footprint education
  • Community Renewable Energy

There are plans to introduce groups to focus on:

  • Domestic energy reduction
  • Waste reduction, recycle, repair, re-use

All five groups meet regularly and have each developed their own plan of action.

The Community Energy group are working with the primary school to try to install solar PV panels on the roof. 

The Transport group are developing a cycle path to link Cholsey and Wallingford.

The Food and Growing group have built and filled 5 planters with herbs and veg for sharing and have created a Community Orchard. They have inspired local children to be involved in a free soil and seed event to encourage more people to grow their own food.