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Ready to be one of 1,700 homes making energy efficiency improvements by 2030 in your neighbourhood?

Retrofitting existing homes is key to enabling the transition to a sustainable and equitable energy system by 2050, as outlined in the CAPZero.  Upgrading your home will have direct benefits for you as the occupier, and you’ll also be helping your neighbourhood play its part in turning the plan into action.

Resources and links

Plan Builder 

Plan Builder is a free online tool that lets you create your own refurbishment plan to make your home warmer, reduce your CO₂ emissions and cut your energy bills.  

Try Plan Builder for free 

Whole House Plan

A Whole House Plan is a comprehensive plan for home improvements.  It is divised with the aim of ensuring that a property operates in as energy-efficient a manner as possible, with all aspects of the building complementing each other, resulting in a logical, highly effective pathway towards an energy-efficient, well-ventilated home.

Whole House Plans (WHPs) usually cost around £600, depending on the size of the property.  As part of the implementation of CAPZero, we are offering a number of part-funded WHPs.  If this would be of interest, please contact CuckooLaneCAPZero@lowcarbonhub.org.

Find out about Whole House Plans and Cosy Homes Oxfordshire 

Grant funding  

Whether you own your home or rent – you may be eligible for a 
grant for insulation, heat pumps or even a whole house upgrade. 

Find out more about grant funding available 

Talk to someone about energy bills  

Are you struggling with your energy bills? Better Housing Better Health is a free advice service for local residents.  

Visit Better Housing Better Health 

Access our free energy advice

We have tips on how to beat the heat in summer, how to keep your home warm in winter and a list of low-cost, no-cost things you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Visit our energy saving advice page

Join a group supporting others and share your own experience

Get in touch to join a group supporting neighbours with home improvements to increase energy efficiency and comfort, cut bills and more. 

If you have done work on your own home and would be happy to share your story and inspire your neighbours, we’d love to hear from you.

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