Case Study

The Warriner School

The project:

At 106.25kWp, the Warriner School’s solar PV scheme is one of the Low Carbon Hub’s largest installations. The scheme was up and running for the start of the Autumn 2014 term and will generate 42,437kWh per year, saving 20 tonnes of CO2 annually.

The school, situated the rural village of Bloxham, is already busy engaging pupils with environmental issues. Warriners host the biggest school farm in the country, run with strong conservation and sustainability principles, and they also have a Green Travel plan which encouraged pupils to cycle, walk and use public transport. It’s fantastic to add to this work by enabling the school to generate green electricity, reduce the community’s carbon footprint and inspire pupils to learn even more about energy and climate change.

The Warriner’s solar panels were funded through our oversubscribed 2015 community share offer, giving staff, parents and local residents the opportunity to own the installation. The funds from the electricity generated give a return to the community who have invested in the panels, as well as helping reduce school bills and enabling future community-benefit projects.

Photos / map / Impact

  • The Warriner Img 2304
  • Img 2424 Assembley Hall
  • Dsc00035 Sports Hall
  • 106 kWp installed capacity
  • 424 Solar panels
  • 90,617 Annual generation (kWh)
  • 20 year agreement to host Low Carbon Hub solar PV project
  • 15% of the school's electricity needs met on-site
  • 25% discount to the site on solar electricity purchased
  • ZERO cost to the school for the term of the project
  • 806 tonnes CO2 emissions to be saved over the project life
  • £54K savings to the school electricity bills over the project life

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