Case Study

Larkrise Primary School

The project:

In 2014, Low Carbon Hub connected with Larkrise school via local Councillor John Tanner, who was a supporter of our scheme - and also a Governor at the school.

Within just six months from introduction, the solar panels were generating!
Larkrise school, in the heart of Oxfordshire has 450 pupils. When they returned from their summer holidays in 2014... they were hugely surprised to see 78 solar panels smiling down at them.

The school has a proud environmental history, working for many years under the Eco Schools programme, and successfully being awarded both Bronze and Silver flags.

Like many schools, Larkrise would love to have installed solar before, but due to the cost, and so many core educational and facilities priorities, funding has always been a stumbling block. Once they became aware of the initiative, the Governors very efficiently assessed the scheme - before taking the decision to sign up. They now have a truly inspirational project to be proud of!

It has been fantastic to see how teacher Ed Finch has engaged the children about renewable energy, and how he shared the solar generation graph when the UK experienced a recent solar eclipse.

Photos / map / Impact

  • Larkrise Launch
  • 19.5 kWp installed capacity
  • 78 Solar panels
  • 18,300 Annual generation (kWh)
  • 16% of the school's electricity needs met on-site
  • ZERO cost to the school for the term of the project
  • 163 TONNES CO2 emissions to be saved over the project life
  • £10K savings to the school electricity bills over the project life
What was great about the Hub’s offer is they do the fundraising and installation costs, and all we do is get cheaper power and produce less carbon. We pay less and we are able to learn more about being responsible citizens, so it was an easy decision to make. With the children in the computer room we can look at how much electricity we’re generating, so talking about responsible energy use I can make it real and base it on our usage and production.

Ed Finch, Teacher

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