Case Study

Bure Park School

The project:

Based in Bicester with 366 pupils, the school pupils, management and Governing teams have a great environmental track record already, achieving Bronze and Silver Eco Schools flags. The school had previously explored solar for several years - but had been unable to find a way of completing the project. We were therefore delighted to connect up with the school, and the project progressed very efficiently.

Bure Park school has an ideal large south facing roof, and we were constrained a little by local grid constraints. However, we were still able to install 240 solar panels in what was the largest solar installation on a primary school in the county at that time.

End to end, their solar panels would stretch four times the height of Big Ben!

Photos / map / Impact

  • Dsc 0266 Bure Park Edited Copy
  • Completed Image
  • 60 kWp installed capacity
  • 240 Solar Panels
  • 27% of the school's electricity needs met on-site
  • 25% discount to the school on electricity bills
  • ZERO cost to the school for the term of the project
  • 476 TONNES CO2 emissions to be saved over the project life
  • £24K savings to the school electricity bills over the project life
  • 53,400 Annual generation (kWh)
We are very pleased with the solar panel installation and are looking forward to rolling out the education programme with the children. Our Eco Team have worked very hard to lower the energy consumption of the school and the solar panels will now mean we are using even less of our planet’s valuable resources. They make a welcome addition to the school and I want to congratulate everyone involved in the project.

Rob Pearson, Head teacher

The solar panels are really cool as we’ve been trying to save energy for a long time.

Tom, Eco Team

I think the panels are good as they will save energy and money for the school.

Elise, Eco Team

The panels will help us to be eco-friendly.

Freddie, Eco Team

Many thanks for everyone's input into something which has to be described as an outstanding project.

Lawrie Stratford, Councillor

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